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Strategic Framework for Action

a common language for taking action together

Community Advancement Network has created this Strategic Framework for Action based on input from numerous stakeholders and an analysis of over 70 community planning documents. The Strategic Framework for Action provides a common language that can be used across jurisdictions to facilitate coordination, collaboration and collective impact.

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promote safe communities
  • Build healthy relationships between law enforcement and neighborhoods
  • Increase collaboration among community justice entities and other stakeholders
  • Prevent abuse, exploitation and neglect; and provide services to victims of violence
  • Plan for successful reintegration for those being released from institutions
  • Create safe places to live, learn, work and play
+ embrace diversity and expand opportunity
  • Recruit diverse staff and provide culturally appropriate services in languages spoken by clients
  • Embed cultural competency training in staff development
  • Expand opportunity for all people and address disproportionate outcomes in
    • education
    • housing/lending
    • workforce
    • health/human services
    • criminal justice
+ engage and empower people
  • Build on assets of diverse populations and promote prosocial behaviors
  • Partner with and engage diverse populations and neighborhoods in creating solution
  • Increase voting participation and civic engagement
  • Encourage volunteerism for all age groups
  • Empower families with knowledge and resources to be advocates for their families and community
= We are safe, just, & engaged.
crisis, safety net, and long-term care and services
  • Provide emergency & transitional housing, financial assistance, and food to ensure that basic needs are met
  • Increase availability of permanent supportive housing
  • Expand community-based services and care for vulnerable populations
  • Train family caregivers and provide respite services
+ connect people to resources
  • Reach out to and enroll people in public benefits for which they qualify
  • Provide system navigation services and client-centered case management
  • Expand services to meet needs of growing low-income population
  • Provide financial literacy and legal services to help families build assets and plan for their future
+ affordable housing linked to work, services, transit
  • Provide safe & accessible housing options across the continuum of affordability and in all parts of the community
  • Provide affordable utilities
  • Expand multimodal transportation options and maximize use of high-capacity transit
  • Expand housing repair, accessibility & home weatherization
  • Build "Complete Communities" throughout the region that are accessible to transit, work and services
= Our basic needs are met.
access to integrated health care continuum
  • Access to a medical home that connects individuals to the continuum of care
  • Integrate mental health and substance abuse services into health care
  • Access to recovery-oriented and community-based longterm care
  • Expand access to affordable health insurance
  • Promote electronic exchange of health information
+ promote healthy behaviors
  • Provide community education to help people
    • avoid risky behaviors
    • choose a healthy lifestyle
    • have healthy relationship
  • Educate community to reduce the stigma of mental health, disabilities and other health conditions
  • Increase awareness of warning signs of deteriorating health, mental health, abuse and neglect
+ healthy and safe community environment
  • Create healthy environment with clean air and water
  • Ensure access to fresh, healthy foods and safe, walkable, and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods with green space
  • Ensure where we live, work, learn and play is safe and tobacco-free
  • Increase use of renewable energy
= We are
early care & caregiver education and support
  • Give families the tools and opportunities to be effective caregivers to children, aging parents and other family members and to plan for life's transitions
  • Support families with affordable, quality early care and education
  • Attend to the social and emotional development of young children
+ successful transitions throughout continuum
  • Eliminate academic gaps and disparities
  • Support successful transitions throughout the educational continuum from early education through successful post secondary completion and employment
  • Help students graduate from high school aware of career options and ready for work, school and life
  • Promote life-time learning
+ workforce and economic development
  • Work with business to align education to workforce needs and high-demand occupations
  • Expand capacity and access to higher-education
  • Increase basic literacy, work readiness, training, and access to meaningful employment for underemployed populations
  • Grow jobs with livable wages
  • Provide work supports
  • Grow and support the expansion of small businesses
= We achieve our full potential.