data for "% of People who are Uninsured by Race and Ethnicity, Travis County, 2014"


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Source(s): American Community Survey, 1 Year Estimates - Detailed Tables
                 S2701 - Health Insurance Coverage Status
Population data is from the the American Community Survey, 1 Year Estimates
               B01001B: Sex by Age (Black or African American Alone)
               B1001C: Sex by Age (American Indian or Alaskan Native Alone)
               B01001D: Sex by Age (Asian Alone)
               B01001E: Sex by Age (Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alone)
               B1001F: Sex by Age (Some Other Race)
               B01001G: Sex by Age (Two or More Races)
               B01001H: Sex by Age (White Alone, Not Hispanic or Latino)
               B01001I: Sex by Age (Hispanic or Latino)