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The CAN Community Dashboard was created over the past several years and is continually evolving and improving. A Dashboard Steering Committee is appointed by the Chairman of the CAN Board of Directors each year. This Committee reviews the dashboard and makes recommendations for improvements to the CAN Board of Directors. The CAN Board of Directors has final authority to approve or change indicators, targets and goals.

our common vision

The first step in creating a community dashboard was to agree where we are headed together. Throughout 2008, members of the CAN Board of Directors, the CAN Community Council and the many collaborations and non-profit organizations that participate in CAN Issue Area Groups engaged in a process to identify common goals for all people in our community.

The first Dashboard report was published in 2009 and it has been published annually since then. Along the way we have added targets, status icons, and other improvements. A Dashboard Steering Committee of local data experts across the issue areas of the Dashboard is appointed each year to make recommendations for improving the Dashboard to the CAN Board of Directors.

We are safe, just, & engaged.

  • We are free from abuse, neglect, crime, violence and injustice.
  • We respect and value diversity.
  • We are aware, socially connected, and contribute to our neighborhoods, individual communities, and the community at large.
  • We have the opportunity and willingness to lead by utilizing our talents, passions and incomes.

Our basic needs are met.

  • We live in a community where the basic needs of all are met.
  • We live in affordable and stable housing with access to open space and public amenities.
  • We have safe, affordable, accessible and reliable transportation.

We are healthy.

  • We live, work, learn and play in accessible, safe, clean and healthy physical environments.
  • We have adequate nutrition and achieve and maintain optimal physical and behavioral health.

We achieve our full potential.

  • We have the education, skills and opportunities to achieve our full potential and lead meaningful, joyful lives.
  • We have adequate income, resources and supports to live independent lives.

Dashboard Steering Committee


2017 Meetings

Meetings will be held from 2:00 - 3:30 PM in the ATCIC Large Training Room, 1700 S Lamar.

2017 Meeting Dates are:

Dashboard Steering Committee Meeting Materials

Below are the minutes and agenda from the Dashboard Steering Committee meetings.